A Network Analyzer and Traffic Logger.

netraf Project Code Chunks

Here are some netraf code puzzles and misc stuff.

devices.c finds all network devices installed on a machine and prints theirs capabilities (ip, netmask, broadcast, p-t-p addresses) to stdout. This code is a bit "obsolete", because we are no longer using PCAP library.
macs.c little example of how to obtain device's MAC address.
shmem.tgz implementation of netraf Shared Memory Model (and little example how to use it).
packet_info.tar.gz implementation of netrafd MYCAP library and an example of it's possibilities and power in spite of small size and simplicity.
menus.tgz implementation of netrafg Menu System. Also example program showing how to use it.
config_file.tar.gz implementation of netraf Configuration Files library and an example of it's usage.
matrix_saver.tgz Little gadget from netrafg. Can be used as console screen-saver.
fire_saver.tgz Another gadget from netrafg. A bit more CPU-consuming than above, but nowadays, when computers are so fast and cheap... :)

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netraf is Open Source software, distributed under the terms of the New BSD License. activity involved