A Network Analyzer and Traffic Logger.

netraf Project Issues

The first release is finally published.

    Many hours of work have finally paid off, everything seems to work great. We have tried to make a program that would be in some way useful for linux admins, helping them to monitor their network traffic for longer periods, so they could shape their bandwitch more accurately. Does it really work? For now netraf allows to monitor network traffic and analyze it in few basic aspects, meeting our primary goals, and is a good platform for future development.
    During our work, our goals didn't go that far away from our primary specification, the main idea has been kept intact, we only changed technologies used to achieve it.
Bugs? None we could find but there are some possible fixes or improvements though.
    One thing we didn't achieve is portability - we simply run out of time to test it and check dependencies on systems other than Linux. The main reason is we didn't use pcap, that would ensure us the portability of netrafd. The whole software is made in a way that it can be easily rewritten to operate on other UNIX-like systems.
    Second thing that has to wait till next release are actions assigned to writers, that would be triggered if some user defined criteria are met. This actions would help to automate reactions to some statistics states, like amount of bytes transfered by given user. The reason is same as above - time, there is never too much of it.

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